Program Overview – 2018 Speakers and Topics

Democratic Road Forward PAC
Candidate Development Academy
2018 Campaign Training Series
Speakers and Topics
Stephen Davis
Your Winning Campaign
Michelle Edwards
Campaign Resources:

Ivy Hinton
Campaign Resources:
Your Local Party

Andrew Sneathern
Campaign Resources:
Mobilizing Your Base

Jim Nix
Utilizing “The Van”

Patty Haling
Managing a Field Campaign

Joshua Norris
Campaign Strategies & Operations

Ella Jordan
Campaign Outreach
Under-represented Constituencies

Erin Monaghan
Campaign Finance and Fundraising

 Jennifer Brown
Campaign Finance Reporting

 Jim Nix
How to get on the Ballot

 Todd Divers
Campaign Communications

 Kellen Squire
Mobilizing Millennials
in Rural Districts

 Jane Dittmar
Life of the Candidate:
Winning & Losing

 Connie Brennan
Life of a Candidate:
Winning & Losing