Campaign Training – Managing a Successful Campaign

Announcing Session 1
of the 2019
Campaign Training Academy

Preparing for a Successful Campaign
Stephen Davis & Jim Nix

Sat, Feb 16 | 10:00 am – 1:00pm
City Space on the Downtown Mall 100 5th Street NE

This Session is sponsored by Peggy & Mike Van Yahres and Meredith Richards in memory of Delegate Mitch Van Yahres.

Stephen Davis

Your Winning Campaign: Start to Finish in 90 Minutes

Master campaign strategist, Stephen Davis, gives a fast-paced, eye-opening overview of just what a campaign is, and what it is not. Starting with the basic principle that, “At its core, a campaign is nothing more than a list-building exercise,” Davis demonstrates how this principle applies to any campaign, whether it’s for school board, council or congress.

This presentation is a Campaign Training Academy favorite, and is not to be missed!

Jim Nix
Charlottesville Electoral Board

How to Get on the Ballot:
Filings, Forms and Deadlines, Primaries vs Caucuses

Obama for America regional organizer and Charlottesville Electoral Board member, Jim Nix, will describe in detail the process of getting on the ballot, including required paperwork and timelines for registering as a candidate in Virginia in 2019, understanding the nominating process, and the differences between a party primary and nominating caucus.