Campaign Training – Finance & Data Management

Session 3 of the 2019
Campaign Training Academy

Campaign Finance, Tips for Treasurers &
Using VOTE BUILDER (aka, “The VAN”) in Your Campaign

with Erin Monaghan, Jennifer Brown & Jim Nix

Sat, March 2 | 10am – 1pm
City Space on the Downtown Mall | 100 5th Street NE, Cville

This Session is sponsored by Virginia Ritchie and Jim Hingeley.
Thank You!

Erin Monaghan
Attorney; Political and Communications Staff for Delegate David J. Toscano

Erin Monaghan
Campaign Finance: Fundraising, Financial Planning and “Making The Ask”

No matter what you’re running for, you’ll need money to finance your campaign. Erin Monaghan, an experienced fundraiser for Democratic campaigns and elected officials alike, will address the essential topic of financing your campaign. Her talk includes the development of a plan for raising the funds you’ll need, how to structure your fundraising goals, where to get your funds, and the indispensable art of asking for money.

Jennifer Brown
Former Charlottesville City Treasurer
Treasurer for Local, State & Federal Campaigns

Jennifer Brown
Financial Record-Keeping and Reporting:
Tips for Treasurers

Jennifer Brown, one of Virginia’s most respected former pubic financial officers, discusses legal requirements and procedures for reporting campaign contributions and expenditures, with a focus on the importance of compliance with state law. She draws on her long career as a Democratic campaign treasurer to give sage advice and offer ten valuable “Tips for Treasurers.”

Jim Nix
Charlottesville Electoral Board;
Regional Organizer, Obama for America 2008 & 2012

Jim Nix
An Essential Tool for Your Campaign

Jim Nix draws upon his extensive knowledge of VOTE BUILDER, the Virginia Democratic Party’s voter database, to discuss and demonstrate its uses as an essential tool throughout your campaign. With VOTE BUILDER, you can:

  • Determine the number of votes you need to win
  • Find the voters most likely to support your candidate
  • Determine which voters are most likely to vote
  • Contact target voters
  • Build your list and monitor the progress of your campaign
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Guide your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.
  • And more!